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Trailer: Introducing the Career Hacker Secrets Podcast with Yannick Kpodar

founder pivot podcast Mar 14, 2021
Career Hacker Secrets Podcast Trailer

Hi, my name is Yannick. Former Product Marketing Lead at LinkedIn. Creator of Career Academy. Husband, Dad, Global citizen. 

Some of you might know my story, most won't.. Truth is after graduating from business school back in 2012, I thought I was on top of the world... I had graduated top of my class, won business competitions, gave the commencement speech at our graduation ceremony, and returned back to the US thinking I'd land an incredible job in no time...

6 months down the line, 100 job applications, and about dozens of cover letters later.... you guessed it... I was still job searching.

While my friends back in Europe were landing amazing jobs in top-tier consulting firms... I couldn't even land a decent interview. I guess my European school didn't matter in the US. I didn't have a professional network in America.. and didn't have a big tech name.

I was a ghost.

After hitting rock bottom, I knew something had to change... Embarrassed and depressed, I decided to completely change my strategy and invest time studying successful people on LinkedIn.It wasn't long until I realized exactly what LinkedIn truly is... 

A search engine.. just like Google...

And one with the power of a professional network never seen before embedded directly in the platform. And the name of the game is to get on page 1 just like Google. And how do you do that?

You think like a startup...

Inbound, outbound, partnerships, growth strategies. Inbound is your LinkedIn profile and the content you post. Outbound is targeting specific hiring managers and companies that you reach out to on the platform. Partnerships is leveraging your network and 3rd party recruiters to multiply your reach. Needless to say, I hacked the job hunting process just like any growth hacker would.

I went from 0 interviews in 6 months to 3 interviews every single day

Launched my career in B2B tech sales in a Fortune 100 company.

Then came the time to give back.

I taught everything I had learned. Taught in seminars, produced video content, helped non-profits, and gave keynote speeches. I ended up helping over 1,000 business school students, friends, and colleagues at all levels of their careers land top jobs. They work at some of the most amazing companies in the world. Nike, Amazon, Deloitte, Salesforce, Google, Microsoft, you name it.

Later on, I myself decided to pivot into my dream company once again and landed at LinkedIn in arguably the most competitive market in the world.

You guessed it --- San Francisco / silicon valley baby. Along my journey, I 3 xed my income and then jumped 3 positions up to a global director role at a TOP 40 startups in Europe. I'm now living in Paris, France, and  I've been recognized as Top 100 Product Marketing Influencer in the world.

How's that for a ghost?

I don't say this to brag but instead, to inspire people who are in the same situation I was back in the days. Depressed, afraid, lost. I've been scared to do this but this is the year where I expand my reach and help thousands more people pivot into the career of their dreams. Especially people from underrepresented groups that don't have access to this type of content in their communities.

It starts with this podcast, then a masterclass, then a book.

You can find me at and make sure you join our community once we launch. This will be your tribe to help you thrive. Whether you're a seasoned professional, a recent grad, having a tough time as a woman in leadership, black in tech, and everything in between. This will be your place to seek the inspiration, training, and accountability to grow. In the meantime look forward to the career hacker secrets podcast launching.

I'm on a quest to interview ordinary people pivoting into incredible jobs in top tech companies.

From fashion stylist to 7-figure enterprise account executive at LinkedIn, from musician to a senior director at Salesforce, from a US Army infantry officer to a Vice President, from a black man who grew up in a single-family household with his mom earning 24k to now leading business operations at a venture capital and private equity firm. You'll learn all the tips and strategies they used so you can take your career to the next level

If you know someone who needs inspiration, help, guidance, or just a friend, please spread the love.

See you in a couple of weeks for our first episode! 


Yannick Kpodar

Former Product Marketing Lead at LinkedIn

Host of the Career Hacker Secrets Podcast



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