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You'll learn exactly how top performers prepare for interviews and position themselves as the top candidate for the role. Ready to outperform other candidates and land that incredible job?

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What you'll learn in this guide


Prepare like an executive

Learn how to prepare for important interviews using the 5Cs Framework.



Outperform other top candidates

Leverage market intelligence to completely dominate other candidates.


Answer difficult questions with ease

Turn every question into an opportunity to show you're the top candidate for the role.

About Yannick Kpodar

Yannick Kpodar is a LinkedIn alumni, a top 100 Product Marketing Influencer, a Global Director in a hyper-growth startup in Europe, speaker, and the creator of Career Hacker Academy: a global career resource hub designed to teach people how to pivot into their dream job at any point in their career.

Through Career Hacker Academy, Yannick has impacted the lives of over 1,000 students, clients, and friends worlwide. They now work at some of the most amazing companies in the world such as Nike, Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Deloitte, PwC, Amazon, and more.

Yannick also holds a Bachelors from the University of Liverpool, a Masters in Management from EADA Business School, and is a certified John Maxwell leadership coach. Yannick has been invited to speak at multiple graduation ceremonies, tech businesses like LinkedIn, international events, and even startup incubators in West Africa.

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Nate Medina 

Product Marketing @ Hubspot

You made me feel like I could get that dream job by having you, an expert, as my "coach" and letting me know that it's possible. I also enjoyed hearing your strong POV on why asking questions is better than delivering answers. I'm not sure I 100% agree with that, but it's a unique take for sure. I'd love to learn more about why that's important. And where situations with questions have led to hiring outcomes.


Thibaud Hartwig Holmgren

Business Development @Holmsgrens Bil AB

I can convert it to how I analyse companies that I consider whether I should invest in. So I have added it to my 7 step investment process :) Also it certainly made it clear how quickly I can reshape my current packaging [I am doing it right now as I want to find a new arena to learn a lot from.





Product Marketing @Agicap

The step-by-step method was really clear and actionable!








How to interview like an executive

Performance during interviews is the #1 reason why candidates don't land the job. Leverage these real-world interview tips and strategies to land the job in 2021.

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