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Career Hacker Academy provides the education traditional career advisors, recruiters,  and coaches don't

Economic opportunities have evolved. People can now pivot multiple times throughout their career from product to marketing to sales and more. However, the job-hunting process and traditional career advisors are still outdated. 

We teach the art of career hacking and how to pivot into your dream job at every turning point of your career.

“We’ve built this academy to be a career resource hub to help ambitious millennials not only navigate but thrive in our ever-evolving job economy .”

- Yannick Kpodar, Creator of Career Hacker Academy

At Career Hacker Academy, learning is a lifelong mission

The Career Hacker Academy curriculum is designed to teach people how to become Career Hackers and truly take control of their careers. It's about having an abundant life full of diverse career options, amazing connections, and unforgettable memories. We believe that humans are happiest when they are progressing. As a result, we make it a mission to teach people how to continually leapfrog in their careers so they can feel fulfilled, increase their income, and make more impact.

Our students tell us that we inspire them to do more and be more in life

Our content is original, refreshing, and relevant for anyone at any level looking to pivot into their dream job or break into a top tech company. This is because our teachers are Career Hackers themselves and have all made incredible pivots throughout their career. 


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Land your dream job at every turning point of your career

Career Hacker Academy is a resource hub designed by a former LinkedIn employee that brings the insights, tools, and community to help you get to your next level in your career. From seasoned VPs to recent graduates, thousands of people around the world use Career Hacker Academy to learn, grow, and thrive in their careers.

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Join us every week for our latest podcast episodes and interviews on what it REALLY takes to pivot in your career and land your next big job. Hear from real people who have been in your shoes.

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Learn from a former LinkedIn Product Marketing Lead how to bypass the dreadful job application process, get in front of the right people, and ace the interview process to land the job that you love. 

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Meet Yannick Kpodar,

Creator of Career Hacker Academy

If you're in tech, planning a pivot, or simply looking to get to the next level in your career, Yannick can help.

After graduating from business school back in 2012 and job searching for nearly 6 months with no success, he knew something had to change. Embarrassed and depressed, Yannick embarked on a quest to identify and test the best strategies to hack the job hunt process to accelerate his career. Since then, he has been able to...

  • Break into enterprise B2B Sales in a Fortune 100 company.
  • Pivot into his dream company LinkedIn in San Francisco.
  • 3x his income along the way.
  • Help over 1,000 people at all levels of their careers to land top jobs.
  • Jump 3 positions up to global director at a top 40 startup in Europe.
  • Rank Top 100 Product Marketing Influencer in the world 2020.
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Looking to pivot or land your next big job?

We are getting ready to launch an online community full of talented people from all over the world. Benefit from live workshops, monthly calls, incredible conversations happening in real-time on topics ranging from job hunting to interviewing to using LinkedIn, and much more.