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#1: From Sales Ops to Venture Capital with Jeremiah Clark

advice interview pivoting storytelling venture capital Apr 25, 2021
Career Hacker Secrets Podcast Episode 1

Welcome to the 1st interview on the Career Hacker Secrets podcast. 

Today we welcome Jeremiah Clark, a black man from Atlanta, Georgia, who grew up in a single-parent household. It hasn’t been without any struggle, but Jeremiah managed to break into LinkedIn, pivot into Pinterest, and later pivoted once more into venture capital in the most competitive markets in the world - Silicon Valley

Today Jeremiah leads Business Operations for GGV Capital - a Venture Capital and private equity firm that manages $6.2 billion in capital across 13 funds.

In this episode, we talk about how growing up in a single-parent household shaped him, how he broke into Silicon Valley and pivoted from Sales Ops to venture capital. We also discuss his five principles for preparing for interviews, owning your narrative, and learning scalable skills.

If you're someone looking to pivot into your next play but concerned about any possible disadvantages, this episode is for you. Jeremiah will give you the inspiration to dream big by breaking goals into small steps and start moving one action at a time.


00:00 - Introducing Jeremiah Clark

03:23 - Jeremiah’s background

06:45 - How growing up in a single-parent household shaped you?

08:10 - What inspired you to make those pivots? Identifying your true want

12:25 - The next pivot after LinkedIn: Getting into sales operations

16:07 - The next pivot: Joining Pinterest

17:55 - Preparing for interviews: The five principles

20:20 - Owning your narrative

21:10 - How to move through the most challenging moments in pivoting

25:03 - The next pivot: Getting into venture capital

29:48 - How to go about the interview process

32:29 - Jeremiah’s current role at GGV Capital

35:00 - The next projects

35:55 - Learning Chinese to work abroad

39:10 - Advice for people who want to pivot

40:35 - Where to find out more


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