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Finding Self-Compassion and Pivoting Your Dream Job with Selma Chang

asian in tech imposter syndrome interview mental health pivoting product marketing women in tech Jun 01, 2021
Carer Hacker Secrets Podcast

Welcome to the tenth episode of the Career Hackers Secrets Podcast. Today we chat with Selma Chang, a rock star product marketer who pivoted from sales

I met Selma at LinkedIn in San Francisco a few years ago when she was passionate about pivoting into product marketing. 

You'll hear specifically how Selma overcame imposter syndrome and how she overcame mental breakdowns to pursue her dreams. She hired a life coach to help build confidence while is making that pivot to product marketing

There are many excellent takeaways, and so I'm not going to spoil them, but let me just tell you this: If you're someone looking to pivot into your next play, have that negative self-talk, or you're battling imposter syndrome, this interview is for you. 

Whether you're looking at pivoting into tech or pivoting within tech, you'll walk away feeling energized and more compassionate with yourself so you can move forward swiftly towards your career. 




00:00 - Introducing Selma Chang

02:45 - Working at LinkedIn and exploring what's next: From sales to product marketing

05:37 - Transitioning: Scared but ready for a change

07:14 - What inspired you to pivot? Coffee chats, being confident, and working on side projects during weekends

09:22 - How to find side projects

11:03 - Working with a nonprofit: A place that usually needs extra hands on deck no matter what your experience level is

13:09 - What was the most challenging part of making the switch?

15:15 - Picking up new skills before becoming a product marketer

16:03 - Taking on PMM side projects, landing interviews, and hiring a life coach

18:21 - Having a breakdown

19:20 - Applying for a new job

0:40 - Getting interviews: Leverage your network and position your resume correctly

23:27 - Preparing for interviews: Understand the language of your new position, tell your story right and take on more experience

27:41 - Negotiating your salary when you are starting: Find the right mentor and leverage your knowledge

30:35 - Landing the job and learning about yourself

34:50 - Preparing for the new position

36:55 - How has the new position been so far?

39:07 - What’s next

41:03 - What advice would you give your past self?

42:06 - Where to find out more


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