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#2: 6 Steps to Pivot into Your Dream Job

advice interviewing help lead generation mindset pivot solo episode tips Apr 25, 2021
Career Hacker Secrets Podcast

Welcome to the Career Hackers Mini Series. 

These are really short episodes that get straight to the point and tackle real-world challenges among career hackers. The objective is to get the most essential advice you need in less than 10 minutes. 

In this episode, we're taking a bite out of the Six steps to pivot into your dream job. These are precisely the steps I've taken in my career, taking me from a sales manager at Dell to a product marketer at LinkedIn and now to the Global Director of Product Marketing at one of Europe’s top 40 startups. Typically, these types of moves take at least a decade. I did it in just 5 years.

As a heads up, we are crunching a lot in 10 minutes, so we created a mini-guide for those who would like to get more details. Just click on the link below. Let's get started. 





  • 01:10 - Step 1: Think like a Career Hacker.
  • 02:00 - Step 2: Model successful people (don’t try to reinvent the wheel).
  • 02:48 - Step 3: Close the gap (as quickly as you can).
  • 03:35 - Step 4: Build a Lead Generation Machine (Inbound, Outbound, and Strategic Partnerships).
  • 04:25 - Step 5: Interview to win.
  • 04:56 - Step 6: Close the deal.
  • 05:12 - Quick review

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