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"Yannick is an amazing speaker who knows how to motivate and inspire people! He has given us valuable insights into the corporate world and great tips for personal branding and how to rock a job interview. The class was interactive and dynamic, challenging, but also entertaining. He was constantly getting us out of our comfort zones to prepare us for our upcoming job challenges. All in all, a great experience that I can highly recommend."

Iwana Johannsen


Maximilian Jones

@PlayPass NV

"I feel better prepared for my professional world entrance, and I have a concrete understanding of what is required, thanks to Yannick's ability to transfer his skills experience. Having Yannick as a teacher is a privilege. I will continue to look up at him and ask for his advice concerning important decisions I have to make concerning my professional life."

Anja Kaifel


"Yannick has an empowering, engaging, and inspiring presentation style, which I have never experienced before. He created an amazing energy in the room with his charismatic appearance, which gave me the feeling to be actually a part of his story rather than a listener.
Yannick is one of the best speakers I have ever seen, and everyone who has the chance to attend one of his presentations will definitely benefit!"

Gerard Taboada Seguí


"Yannick inspired me to follow my dreams and turn my desire to become a leader in real tangible actions that impact. His journey to become a leader is a clear example of developing analytical and hard skills with relational capabilities. Powerful messages come from powerful leaders, and he is definitely one."


"Yannick is an inspiring professor with a lot of energy and clear explanations. It was an excellent course which helped me a lot during my job search. Personally, I benefited the most from the job searching strategy part. Yannick explained how one's LinkedIn profile could be used to attract recruiters to reach out to you. Using the insights from this course, I did actually manage to obtain my job exactly this way."

Felix Micke


Michael Sacco

@Trotter Electrical Contractors

I would like to thank you for your help two years ago when I first put together my linked in profile. Since then, I successfully ran multi-million dollar projects and made 40% profit on a job that was supposed to make 15%. That was a profit of $850,000.00 versus $300,000.00. Today I am Senior Estimator at my company and rose to the top.Again, I want to thank you for your personal help you gave me and the advice. It truly put me on track to where I wanted to be. I won't forget.

Charles Van Lerberghe

@Plant Manager

I was completely focused and triggered by Yannick's excellent presentation skills, self-assurance and spontaneity. His interaction and engagement made him a very kind, easy-going person, combined with a great personality. Everybody has to experience once one of his presentations. Persons like Yannick are unique. He is an excellent, charismatic speaker, a motivator and a role model for young professionals.

Manuel Martinez

@S. Bravo Systems

The University of Redlands had Yannick as a guest speaker regarding LinkedIn. I have had a LinkedIn account since 2009 and thought I had it updated. Yannick showed all of us who attended his seminar areas we were missing. If you hear of Yannick as a guest speaker, you should definitely go and invite friends.



Shashank Samdani

@Maruti Inox

I had an opportunity to attend Yannick’s course. It was an engaging, motivating, and inspiring journey as he shared his own life experience and how to conquer the corporate world. This class also has given me some useful insight regarding personal branding and how to perform like a rock star in job interviews. I still remember Yannick’s words that “People will often tell you what you can or can do, but it’s you who has to make the difference. If you have a dream, you have to protect it.” The way Yannick facilitated the class was quite impressive and interactive. He has an amazing and unique skill in public speaking and presentation.

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