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Career Hacker Secrets Podcast

by Yannick Kpodar,  former Product Marketing lead at LinkedIn


What if I didn't go to the right school? What if I don't have a company like Facebook, Google, or Microsoft on my resume? What if I don't have enough relevant experience? Can I still break into a top tech company and land an incredible role?

Tune into the Career Hacker Secrets podcast, where we share the stories of ordinary people pivoting into incredible jobs in top tech companies. From hairstylist to 7-figure enterprise account executive at LinkedIn, from musician to a senior director at Salesforce, you'll learn all the tips and strategies they used so you can take your career to the next level.


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And more stories from ordinary people just like you that pivoted into these amazing companies.

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Career Hacker Secrets podcast is brought to you by Career Hacker Academy and was inspired by incredible people making amazing pivots in their lives at different turning points of their career.

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